Insurance Claims

We Work With All Insurance Companies

At Hunt Auto Body, all insurance claims are accepted. With that being said, we are not, and choose not to be a DRP for any insurances company.

My insurance company says your not on their list.

DRP stands for direct repair program. These programs are sometimes called “select”, “preferred”, “network “ or "approved" shops. Insurance companies created direct repair programs to entice collision repair shops into signing a contract in exchange for work. Unfortunately, this contract comes with many demands. Shops that are on a insurance company DRP list must follow strict guidelines set by the insurance company. These guidelines included what the insurance company will and will not pay for, as well as set labor prices.

What's so bad about that?

Sure, this all sounds good in theory, control cost of the claim and save money. But, as DRP contracts evolved the demands became unrealistic. Add insurance companies’ unwillingness to compensate for increasing materials and labor cost, DRP shops must resort to cost cutting measures.

Cost cutting measures?

These measures could include:

  • - Using inferior parts (aftermarket, used, reconditioned) without your knowledge.

  • - Skipping standard repair procedure

  • - Repairing parts that should be replaced

Do I have to go where my insurance company tells me?

No insurance company can force or tell you where to have your vehicle repaired. It is illegal for insurance companies to try to steer you to any particular repair shop.

So, why Hunt Auto Body?

At Hunt Auto Body, we repair your vehicle for you and nobody else. We are on your side, holding insurance accountable for paying the proper amount of money needed for your vehicle repair. We handle every repair with professionalism using our industry and OEM certifications to back our repair decisions.