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Pride in a job well done. 

The trend these days is to skimp on manufacturer-specified procedures in order to cut costs. 
Direct Repair shops are conceding to get paid less money from the 
insurance companies in order to guarantee volume. 
Some shops will save your deductible. 
If they are getting paid less by the insurance company and then saving your deductible, 
where are they making money?
  In order to be profitable, something has to give. 
That is usually a manufacturer-specified procedure, a used vs. a new part, 
or a repair vs. a replacement. 
These decisions are typically made without your knowledge or approval

At Hunt your car will be restored to its pre-loss condition, guaranteed. We never allow the value of a vehicle to be diminished by inferior repairs. 
The push these days is to use aftermarket parts. 
Usually, this is all that the insurance company will allow. 
We fight hard to get your new vehicle the new, OEM parts it deserves. 
It may not be possible, but rest assured, we try harder than anyone.  
We have not signed a contract that states that we will only use aftermarket parts, 
as the direct repair shops are usually required in order to participate.

Also, don't let your insurance company 
tell you where to take your vehicle!!!!
It is called steering, and it is against the law in Pennsylvania!

How to recognize steering tactics:
  The insurance company says 
- They can't guarantee the work of a shop that is not in their network
- The shop you prefer is more expensive
- They won't pay for a tow to your preferred shop
- That your rates will go up if you use a shop outside of their repair network
- The DRP shop can do the repair faster or better than your preferred shop
- That your rental car will not be covered if your preferred shop takes longer than   their DRP shop  
- The DRP will offer a lifetime warranty (SO DO WE!)
and the newest, and by far our 'favorite'....
- That your car is probably totalled, so it should just go to a DRP shop and they can "total" it there...but, lo and behold, it's NOT a total loss, but you might as well let the DRP fix it....because they won't pay for another tow to move it to your preferred shop.
None of these tactics are true!   
They are designed to scare you into submission.
Be alert.  Be educated.  Call us if you think your insurance company is pressuring you to have repairs done by a DRP shop.  We will advocate for you, our customer.  

After all, we work for you not the insurance company!
"Quality craftsmanship is not one way to do a job, it's the ONLY way."  
Leaving something out of a repair diminishes the value of your car. 

W A R N I N G !
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